Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weather Report

Weather Report

The wind seeps and moans
Whisks down leaves
Skirls through power lines

Clouds boil up
And spill over the lashes of light
Raking dawn slantwise

Each cloud gap pierced
With white hot fire
Branding the face of the gale

Ravens wheel and stall
Then turn and accelerate
Sliding down the day

As it flaps out crisp
Shaken smartly
Punctuated with sunshine

All afternoon clouds roll down the valley
Light slips over their white tops
And under their grey bellies

Pushed by wind that sifts cold
Through the denim of my jeans
And slithers up the Boise Front

Sliding dark shadows
Over wrinkled, brown-skinned hills
Until it blows itself east

And I am surrounded
By the suns heat and fire
As it enflames the cradle

Of the Owyhees
In one last crescendo
That embraces the sky


  1. The photos look like paintings--I like that; like, too the "And spill over the lashes of light." Now THAT'S one hell of an image.

  2. Thank you Ken for the nice observations.